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April 18, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

Stop Teasing Us!

RED Epic & Scarlet, Are You There?

Is it true? Are we going to finally start seeing these camera’s on the market soon? Ever since the release of the RED One there has been a frenzy of enthusiastic shooters trying to get their hands on one of these camera’s. The sad truth for us average “Joe” shooters, is that we don’t have that $20-$40k to spend. So how can we still be a part of this beautiful ground breaking technology. Well there have been rumors that we will start to see the EPIC and SCARLET making their debut this summer 2010. Now the term “summer” is very vague but I believe that a smart move on RED’s part because they have already push their release date back a few times. RED has really been pushing everything they can into these camera’s, and it makes sense to wait until they have it right. So if anyone is sad, let me call you a “wambulance,” and just be patient I’m sure without a doubt that the wait will be worth it.

Now one of the new features that I am very interested in testing for myself is, RED’s new touch screen monitor. That’s right TOUCH SCREEN! With their electronic primes you will now be able to touch on your RED monitor to FOCUS! This technology has come so far in such a small time, I can’t wait to see focus pulls being accomplished with this screen.

What I really want to talk about though is the RED SCARLET. Finally for us independent, low budget filmmakers we will be able to use a 3k camera at an affordable rate. When RED first announced the production these camera’s, the beginning of the HD DSLR explosion was forming. I was really curious to see how the market would respond and who would come out on top. Although with RED’s delay release and price increase I really believe that the SCARLET  is now a market of it own. Both the Canon 5D mkii & 7D have really become accessible to everyone where the RED will be a more elite few using it. I know you have probably seen this photo of the SCARLET before but it is such beautiful camera that one more peak wouldn’t hurt.


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