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April 21, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

RedRockMicro Remote Follow Focus

Remote Follow Focus using Apple iphone

1st A.C’s Remote Follow Focus Dream!

At this years NAB convention, taking place in Las Vegas RedRockMicro released their brand new remote control follow focus. Yes you are seeing it correctly, this follow focus will be the first to incorporate an iphone application! This was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise.

So let’s talk about the features that will be incorporated with this device while utilizing the power of the iphone. This application will allow you to upload the lens specifications that you are shooting with to show you your accepted “Depth of Field” at the current F-stop that you are at. You can manually input your lens info into the app or download the lens specs from the web before you shoot. Another spectacular feature of this remote follow focus is the ability to play back focus pulls, so that you will get the exact same timing every single take, which will be great for motion capture rigs. A nice astatic feature include in the RedRockMicro Remote Follow Focus is that it has physical markers that can be set on the dial so that you don’t overshoot you focus marks.

As far as the price point for this device the standard packages are rumored to start around $1,000. Brian Valente from RedRockMicro mentioned that they were really pushing in order to make it into the $500 market, but in order to do so they would have really had to sacrificed the integrity of the motor. For what this remote follow focus does it is truly worth every penny and really sets a marker in what is to come with focus technology. Enjoy this video coverage of the BRANDNEW RedRcokMicro Follow Focus at this years 2010 NAB convention. Video brought to you by Cinema5D



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