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April 22, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

Philip Bloom: His Experience with Social Media Networks

Anyone who has been researching anything about the DSLR Industry, knows this man Philip Bloom. A cinematographer and DP from the UK who has really had a profound effect on this blooming industry. Many filmmakers including myself seek advice and helpful tips from Philip when shooting with these DSLR camera’s. His work is constantly raising the bar in terms of what is possible and stunning image quality that can be produced from these DSLR’s  such as the Canon 5D & 7D.

I recently came across this video of Philip Bloom discussing his experience entering into the world of Blogging and Twitter. I’m sure most of us were skeptical when creating our Twitter accounts and starting blogs, to see if these social media platforms would really be a viable source for professional networking. This video really does a great job of showing that if you are dedicated and willing, these social media websites can really be an essential tool to branding and marketing yourself in this era I like to call as the “Digital Revolution.”



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  1. dwolffnicolucci / Apr 23 2010 12:22 am

    Social Networking is a lot of work, but I can see how in the long run it is for the best

    • nicotvandenberg / Apr 23 2010 12:44 am

      You are definitely right Dakota, social networking is certainly not for the lazy or weak. You constantly need to be updating yourself of what is happening next and things change every second. It can be very overwhelming for many people at first. Stick to it and it will pay off!

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