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April 26, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

New Canon Rebel T2i/550D

Canon Does It Again With the New Rebel T2i

Canon once again makes a break through in the consumer camera industry. With the release of Canon’s new Rebel T2i/550D, offering full HD shooting just like its parents the Canon 5Dmkii & 7D. Even though it is the child of the family it is still packing quite the amount of heat. You can’t beat this deal starting at $800 for the camera body. So anyone who has been teetering, trying to decide whether or not to make the leap into the DSLR world, Canon has just made that decision much easier. Yes, this is still an investment but it is really worth every penny, shooting full HD footage with a camera you can cradle in your palms. 

Now anyone who has been shooting with the 5D or 7D may feel a bit awkward handling this camera, as the features are situated differently and simplified for an average shooter. For example, their is no aperture dial to the right of the LCD, so in order to adjust your f-stop you have to hold down a button then turn your shutter dial. The camera itself is smaller and lacks the rugged durable feel of the 7D. As a 7D shooter I haven’t seen a major difference between the two camera’s and really impressed the power of the T2i for should an affordable rate. To really see the power that this camera has and if it the right match for you research and do some homework. In the mean time check out this short film from Philip Bloom, “Salton Sea Beach.”


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