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April 27, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

RedRock’s Cinema Bundle for the DSLR

Giving Your DSLR a Cinema Makeover

Recently I have had to the pleasure of receiving Redrock Micro’s Cinema bundle package for my Canon 7D. For any camera enthusiast such as my self you can’t help but stare and admire. This package that Redrock has put together really has the the Cinematographer and DP at heart. I know have gotten a lot of comments about how this big the rig is compared to the camera itself. So I will be honest, this isn’t the most smallest and inconspicuous system. However for an independent production this is a must have!

Starting with the Redrock Follow Focus, which is not an accessory with these camera’s it is an essential. Shooting in full HD requires constant attention to sharpness in focus, otherwise a shot can be easily ruined. With the Redrock Micro follow focus this gives the camera operator or 1st A.C complete control over their focus ring without having to touch the lens. With the whiteboard material encircling the dial makes it perfect for marking each of your individual focus points. Next, the most prominent feature of the rig, the Redrock Micro Matte Box. A beautiful well crafted cinema matte box that is able to accommodate any type lens, from your Canon EF lens to you Zeiss PL primes. What I have enjoyed most is the swing-away feature. The matte box is mount on an arm which allows you to swing the matte box away from the camera and lens, making lens change fast and efficient. The last feature I will talk about is the handle that is mounted above the camera. This makes carrying the rig from location to location very easy and also serves a great purpose for low angle handle held shots, acting like a “doggy cam.”

The last thing I really wanted to mention about this system is the added weight. You can expect to add about 5-7lbs to your camera when using this rig which I’m sure has some people cringing. I found this added weight to be extremely helpful in controlling my camera and balance. Using prime lens on these DSLR’s any bump is easily read so this added weight really helped smoothing out any bumps from my shots.


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