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May 27, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

The Digital Revolution Podcast “Episode 7: Creative Mobility” Up and Running!

So on behalf of the Digital Revolution Podcast series I would like to apologize for the technical difficulties that were encountered this week. Both Dakota and myself are extremely passionate about this episode so we would like to thank all listeners for their patience and hope they take something away from this episode.

Enhancing the Creative Process

This week Dakota Wolff Nicolucci and myself were joined once again by guest host Carl Sturgess. Straying away from the technical side of things we talk more about how to utilize this technology in order to enhance the creative process and workflow. Time is of the essence, and the selling point for most is how mobile your production can become when using the DSLR’s. These camera’s are known to do extremely well with minimal lighting, which allows you to use less lighting equipment. Because we all know lighting a scene is what takes the longest! Lastly we talk more about the documentary world and how the DSLR’s lower the threat level to the subject. Meaning the subject can now feel more comfortable in front of the lens without having a traditional red light recording camcorder in their face. And the documentarian no longer has to sacrifice quality over mobility.




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