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June 21, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

Cinematography Choice of the Week: “never”

“never” by: Ruben Latre

This week I really want this short to do most of the talking for itself. Truly a beautifully crafted short from Director and DP Ruben Latre. “never,” was shot for Canon’s Beyond the Still Competition. Using the Canon 5D with low-key and high contrast lighting you can’t go wrong. A color palette of black and white and extremely de-saturated colors, muted reds and browns, made this piece timely but with a very clean modern look. Camera movement, anyone who knows me or have worked with me knows I am a huge advocate of making sure there is some type of movement whether that be a dolly or job arm, with “never,” all movement was extremely subtle but brilliant. It never took away or drew too much attention away from the scene which is exactly what a camera move should do in the first place. I should clarify my previous statement, I don’t just throw the camera on a crane or dolly just for shits and giggles, but there needs to be motivation and reason and more often than none there is a reason to introduce camera movement into a shot. So if you haven’t seen “never,” take a look and see this great piece of work.


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