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June 25, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

DSLR’s Have We Grown Up Already?

How Far We Come in Such Short Time!

We are being called out! I am absolutely speechless! I never expected for these DSLR camera’s to multiply like rabbit’s. Almost everywhere I go I’m not surprised if I run into someone shooting on a Rebel, 7D or 5D. There everywhere! And that’s great, but has that raised a new concern? Recently I read this article by, Ron Dawson entitled, “You Might Be Watching an HD DSLR Film If.” Playing off Jeff Foxworthy comedy skit, “You Might be a Redneck if,” Ron brings up some really great points of how there is a “stereotypical look now to a film shoot on a DSLR. For example, “You MIGHT be watching an HD DSLR film if…the whole thing is cinema verite style with focus going in and out like the focus pullers were drunk or something.” Or, “You MIGHT be watching an HD DSLR film if…it’s color graded to look like it was shot on 70’s vintage film.” Behind all my laughing while reading this article there was also a sad tear. Is shooting on these camera’s a gimmick now? NO! I really don’t think so. These camera’s have become the RED for very low-budget indie filmmakers. And there is absolutely no problem with that. What needs to happen and what many people are doing is pushing the envelope and their creative bonds to put some separation between them and the rest of the pack. I have commented before how we are in an “Youtube Generation,” meaning anyone and everyone can post their movie online. So how do we separate ourselves from the noise? Well I feel were almost in that very same position now with these HD DSLR’s, everyone is getting their hands on these camera’s so now if we want to separate we must adapt and continue to push the bounds of independent filmmaking.


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  1. Ron Dawson / Jun 25 2010 4:38 am

    Hi Nico. Thanks for reading my blog, and for the mention. I’m glad that my article struck such a chord. FWIW, I agree with you. I do not think the use of these cameras is a gimmick. In the hands of someone who has a distinct understanding of storytelling (and restraint), who understands that this is just a tool to help tell your story, then magic can happen. There are definitely plenty of examples of filmmakers doing amazing work with HDSLRs whose work doesn’t have that stereotypical look. It helps when people like you contribute to the conversation and keep us on our toes, thinking.

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