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June 26, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

RED vs. Canon DSLR

RED & Canon Roll Up Their Sleeves

Recently founder of RED, James Jannard, made a comment about Canon’s DSLR line that really stirred up some commotion within the filmmaking community. The comment was along the lines of that Canon should be embarrassed of their line-skipping DSLR Camera’s. Being both a RED lover as well as a huge lover of Canon’s DSLR’s I wanted to make sure I read all of the articles and got the facts before crafting an opinion. From the beginning I believed that these two camera’s are and will be two separate markets. Was the comment from Jannard absolutely necessary? No, it was a bit of a jab to the DSLR community. Many people who were planning on purchasing the Scarlet, turned to the Canon’s DSLR’s because of the constant delay’s and price increases announced by RED. So with some emotions attached many people lunged back at RED using that as a comeback.

I have always thought that Canon’s did not expect these camera’s to really explode in popularity like it did. They are a company that is appealing to the masses and make a product that will be accessible to everyone including those “soccer mom’s,” covering their family events. Now RED, I believe they don’t have those “moms” and those “average Joe’s” in mind. Rather they have the digital cinema filmmakers in mind, striving to have thee most innovative and top of line equipment possible. Not to say that Canon has not hit their stride in innovation for these camera’s.

The technology is there for these Canon’s DSLR to shoot RAW and hopefully in 4k resolution. But I strongly believe once that technology hits, DSLR camera’s will also see a major increase in their price. Which will take away one of their most appealing aspects. Canon has revolutionized the independent film industry because of their price point, cinema picture style, and size/ mobility, previously only achievable by large 35mm lens adapters. At that point then we might see some competition between the merging markets. What must be said though is that RED has set a bar, a very high bar, and that is what the rest of the camera companies are working towards. I am constantly hearing from the Canon’s DSLR shooters that there 5D mkii or 7D is their RED. Because of the price this is what is available to us, giving us a picture that resembles the cinema style of the RED.

This topic is obviously very debatable and I like to keep an open mind. So I can encourage anyone and everyone to comment as I am always willing to learn and listen to anyone!


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