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August 31, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

Up to My Head in Media!

How Many HardDrives Do You Have?

Anyone and everyone who has been shooting in this digital revolution will agree that they are up to their head in hard-drives. As someone who is shooting about 4 times a week on a DSLR, knowing how much free space I will need to store the “Raw Media,” (H.264) and the ProRes media is crucial. Not to mention having a secondary or even a third drive to house your backup’s. I stumbled upon this iPhone App called, “Aja DataCalc.” Just to be clear this app won’t help you save space, but it is a get tool for making sure you are prepared with adequate free space on your drive when you show up on set. I’ve stop counting the time I have showed up on set and the capture tech is scrambling to make room on their drives. “Aja DataCalc,” has a very simple and elegant interface that allows you configure to any format you are shooting in and then apply the codec that you will be trans-coding to. Besides that you can also input an estimate of how much time you have shot in get a more precise Data estimate.


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