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September 30, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

Keeping It In Line

It is no secret that the HDSLR’s are not ergonomically designed in the manner of a traditional video camera. Many thanks to companies such as RedRock Micro and Zacuto we have rigs for the DSLR’s that give us back that stability of a shoulder mounted camera. As a cinematographer and DP it has been a constant struggle to properly rig a successful monitoring system for both the operator and 1st AC. The guys over at Zacuto really put it into perspective for me when watching their newly released video of their up and coming EVF (Electronic View-Finder), designed specifically for the HDSLR’s in mind. What I mean by they put it into perspective is that a video camera is designed with the intention to already be balanced, it is a straight line from the rear of the camera to the barrel of the lens. And that is one featuring we have been lacking with the rigs currently available. For example, offset rigs so that the camera is directly in front of you for a better view of the rear LCD monitor. Now with the release of RedRock Micro EVF and Zacuto EVF I think we will start seeing some pretty impressive rigs and much more controlled shoulder mounted work. To give you a sample of what these EVF’s will look like take a look at the photos and video provided.

courtesy of the planet5D coverage at the 2010 PhotoCine Expo


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