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October 3, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

“Teradek” Wireless Monitoring Solutions


Most of those whom have shot on larger scale productions using the HDSLR camera’s know the boundaries and limitations those camera purpose when in comes to monitoring. The easiest solution in to have a HDMI splitter attached to your rig. The only down fall to that is first it requires a power source, which in turn beefs up the rig and second introduces another sea of unwanted cables. The major selling point to these camera’s originally was the light weight compact design, with ease of mobility. Don’t get me wrong I feel more comfortable with a beefier rig but not when I feel tethered down. I’m a little late to the game here talking about the “Teradek Cube,” which is a wireless HDMI transmitter. Now what is extremely special about this “Cube,” is that it is transmitting a wifi signal, meaning your laptop now can become a field monitor on set! Not only is it transmitting via wifi but it is transmitting an HD 720p resolution image at real-time. Teradek has done an amazing job of innovation packing so much power is a very small robust package. Another note as well is that the Teradek Cube is not only just for the HDSLR’s,  but also being used for the RED digital cinema camera’s as well as the Arri Alexa. To see this Cube in action I have included a video brought to you by the cinema5D team and their experience testing it out!


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