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October 13, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

The Digital Revolution Podcast “Episode 11: Get in Line!”

Were Back!

Welcome back to the Digital Revolution Podcast Series hosted by myself and with me always, Dakota Wolff Nicolucci. Both of us have been extremely busy, involved in a number of productions, all being shot with the HDSLR camera’s. Were extremely excited of how far this technology has come and where it has taken us. One of our most recent and largest productions entitled, “A-Town,” a police drama being shot in Alameda. This project has taken over the greater portion of our summers. But now were back and excited to share our experiences and the knowledge gained during these productions.

In this latest edition of the “Digital Revolution Podcast Series,” we reflect on some of the newest gear recently released at this year 2010 PhotoCine Expo in Los Angeles. Inspired by the men and women over at Zacuto, we too decided to call more attention to the ergonomics involved in HDSLR shooting. Excited about both Zacuto and RedRock Micro’s newly announced EVF’s (electronic viewfinder) we discuss the opportunities of this innovative gear.


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