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December 28, 2010 / nicotvandenberg

HDSLR Designer Wear

What is your HDSLR Wearing?

It is no secret now that both HDSLRs are being used both on an average consumer level, as well as, on a high-end professional level. In the short time that this technology has exploded and emerged, it hasn’t taken long for manufactures to pop out of the ground, one right after the other. To get the most out of our HDSLR cameras it is all about how we outfit and configure our systems. In a way I relate this movement to in and out going fashion trends.

Sporting our Redrock Micro blue, or our Zacuto Red, how do we decide what suits our needs best. Research and patience is the key. Each manufacture lends their own creativity and design to the functionality of the camera. It is up to you as shooter what you need, and who specifies in that area. For me, I am passionate in fictional narrative films, and from the start I have gravitated towards Redrock Micro because of their reliable cinema style design. Starting with their “M2 35mm Lens Adapter,” it only made sense for me transition with them into the DSLR movement.

Besides form and function, beauty and design is now very much apart of the equation. Price point, which has been the focus of the entire HDSLR movement is the last variable. The mass appeal of these cameras is their availability, affordability and cinematic quality. There are number of companies who are blossoming during this time, creating accessories at an affordable rate to push and extend the power of this technology. The inspiration for this blurb is really to press the point of research, consciously deciding as a cinematographer what tools are necessary to successfully execute the shoot. Like clashing colors in a wardrobe, there are no rules as to clashing manufacturers in order to construct the best rig for your film.


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