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February 23, 2011 / nicotvandenberg

“Catch The Clock” First week into Production

This weekend marked the beginning of production of director, Jaena Sta. Ana, latest film entitled, “Catch The Clock.” This is the first short narrative film of 2011 that I am the Director of Photography for. I have been constantly evolving throughout my career as a cinematographer and DP, utilizing the HDSLR platform. I have felt like a mad scientist, mixing chemicals to create the perfect potion. With all the knowledge  accrued from the past years, I think I finally found the proper combination.

In “Catch The Clock,” a scene called for a sequence to be shot during the Chinese new year parade, taking place in San Francisco. From conception, this was a large undertaking, there were no opportunities to re-shoot, retake, this was a one time only deal. I knew in order to cover this event in addition to actors, this would need to be a multiple camera shoot. I decided to create a four unit team. Three of the units would stay together to capture the actors within the environment. I sent the fourth unit out on their own to capture more dynamic shots of the parade itself. San Francisco had been on a week-long stretch of rain, and Saturday, the day of the shoot was no different. Throwing another variable into the equation, we adapted quickly and prepared for battle. Shooting with two Canon 5D mk ii and two Canon 7D my team outfitted their gear as if we were to shoot an episode of the Deadliest Catch. Fortunately as the night progressed the weather began to clear and really made for an amazing shoot.

To get you just as excited as I am about the project, I have incorporated some sample screen shots of what we captured while shooting the Chinese new year.


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