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February 25, 2011 / nicotvandenberg

Earth Painting: Commentary w/ Kirsten Incorvaia & Paul Hoek

This past summer I returned to Holland on vacation, meeting up with good friend and artist, Paul Hoek. During the summer of 2009, I had met Paul for the first time while I was living in Amsterdam. He originally came to me with this concept for a short film. Documenting his creative process in a cinematic way. The first film, “Water Painting,” captured his two passions of fishing and painting. His creative spark is often found when meditating and waiting for the fish to bite. Continuing on in that fashion the following summer of 2010 we decided to team up again to create, “Earth Painting.” A short film that documents Paul Hoek’s own artistic process. Burying “Earth Paintings” in the fields of Amsterdam, this film focuses on the ritual process of discovering layers beneath a surface, Paul’s new works involve a methodical process of excavation.

Recently Paul has traveled from the Netherlands and joined me here in San Francisco. During his stay, both his work and my films were curated by Kirsten Incorvaia, for a show at Jeff King’s Y2Y gallery. Kirsten sat down and interviewed Paul to peel back the layer of his creative process. Providing a short beautiful commentary to accompany, “Earth Painting.”


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