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April 19, 2011 / nicotvandenberg

SmallHD DP4 & EVF Combo

During my stay at NAB2011, I was fortunate enough to attend the SmallHD event at the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas. Creating most of the commotion at the event was SmallHD unveiling of their new monitor / EVF combo, DP4. I have always been a huge fan of SmallHD monitors, and in my opinion the best monitoring solution for HDSLR working. With 1:1 pixel mapping paired with a true high-definition resolution.

It is a little difficult for me to compare the DP6 to the DP4. The feature I was happy to see incorporated to the DP4 is the HDMI + HDMI pass through. Which would combo nicely with a DP6. Now the EVF. It has been a race for most monitoring companies to release their version of an EVF geared specifically for HDSLR shooters. I have a slight frustration with many of the companies calling their products EVF’s. For the most part they are small monitors with some sort of diopter attaching to the front. Which leaves the monitor in some sort of limbo state. Too small to be a reasonable field monitor. Too big to be an EVF.

With that being said, the number of EVF’s being manufactured today are still of the highest quality and remain effective. Good design is following form and function. And in many circumstances, design is following affordability. So taking an existing monitor design and creating an EVF around the device to make it cost-effective and efficient. Which I believe has birthed the design of many HDSLR EVF’s we are seeing all over the market.

The SmallHD DP4, performed great. The image was crisp through the EVF optics, didn’t feel as if I could see each individual pixel of the monitor. Extremely light-weight, and most importantly affordable. Well affordable is obviously relative, but for the punch this monitor is packing I believe it is worth the $549 for the monitor alone and $749 for the monitor EVF combo. My only hesitation on the EVF end is the mounting of the diopter to the DP4 didn’t feel a hundred percent solid. That may have been due to everyone putting their hands on it and fiddling around with it. But that wasn’t a good sign to me for only having it out for an hour or two.


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