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My 7D

Samples & Tests With My 7D



Director of Photography Reel 2011

A compilation of my work from the 2010 and 2011 years. Hope you Enjoy. For more information contact me at


Keeping It Reel

This is a four minute selection of the short documentary “Keeping It Reel,” directed by Dana Shaw. The film features local San Francisco Bay Area Filmmakers such as, Craig Baldwin, Rick Prelinger, John Carlson and Rock Ross.


Honda ATV Spec Commercial

This was quick project shot in one day. Decided to get back to my roots and spend a day in forest with my ATV. Brought along the Canon 7D and Rebel T2i and experimented with mounting the camera to the 4-wheeler and using the branches and tree trucks and natural tripods.


Earth Painting: Commentary w/ Kirsten Incorvaia & Paul Hoek

A short film that documents Paul Hoek’s own artistic process. Burying “Earth Paintings” in the fields of Amsterdam, this film focuses on the ritual process of discovering layers beneath a surface, Paul’s new works involve a methodical process of excavation. /


60FPS With the Canon 7D

When traveling back to Baltimore, Maryland this summer for a week I touch based with some of my old skateboarding roots. I thought what better way to test slow motion then to call up an old friend to see if he wanted to hit the town and pop a few tricks off for me. It was an interesting experience because I have my entire RedRock Micro cinema bundle rig set up so many people thought we were shooting a skateboarding commercial. Even the security guards at the location thought we were so they left us be.


Halfmoon Bay and the Canon 7D

This following weekend I traveled down from San Francisco to Halfmoon Bay in order to do some more outdoor photography. I was testing out a new picture profile that was originally created byVincent Laforet (Sharpness 0, Contrast -2, Saturation -2, and Color tone 0). It was a nice medium between Canon’s stock Picture Profile “Neutral,” and Picture Profile “Superflate.” I was very please how well this footage color corrected, which I know may sound funny because you can color correct almost anything to look a certain way. But my point is that this footage in post didn’t require extensive work, I was able to push, pull and crush any colors I wanted. Take a look at the video and let me know what you guys think.


The Digital Revolution is HERE!

Dakota Wolff Nicolucci and myself teamed up to create and produce a short 30 second spot to promote our new weekly podcast series entitled, “The Digital Revolution.” This was a very fun laid back shoot that was meant to be cheesy and a little over the top. This promo video was also really meant to test how well the Canon 7D would perform when shooting green screen. Well it certainly didn’t disappoint and I hope we didn’t disappoint you guys out there. Take a look, enjoy, and join us every Tuesday for a new episode of “The Digital Revolution.”


Red Wood Forest and the Canon 7D

Recently myself and two of my close friends and colleagues, Jamie Richard and Andy van Schoiack, left the city of San Francisco, traveling down to Half Moon Bay to trek through Purisima Park.  Our goal was to do a simple outdoor nature test shoot. Using the Canon 7D and manual Canon FD lens. We soon realized what we had gotten ourselves into, as we were only a half a mile down to the dirt and stone path carrying 3 full size pelican cases and a dolly and dolly track. The hike included another 5 miles of traveling with a path that only got narrower and bumpier. Was not camera case friendly to say the least. Shooting primarily under the tree canopy, giving us beautiful light to work with, preventing us from closing down the lens aperture. This allowed us to keep a very narrow depth of field which worked with and against for certain shots during the day. Below is a clip of how things turned out. Feel free to ask any questions!

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