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Digital Revolution Podcast!

Join myself, Nico van den Berg and Dakota Wolff Nicolucci as we discuss weekly all aspects of this “Digital Revolution” that we find our film industry is in. Focusing mainly on the rapidly blooming HD DSLR Industry and Social Media Platforms. From week to week guests hosts will appear to shed even more light on the subject. Enjoy! And get out there with your camera and keep shooting!


Episode 11: Get in Line!

In this latest edition of the “Digital Revolution Podcast Series,” we reflect on some of the newest gear recently released at this year 2010 PhotoCine Expo in Los Angeles. Inspired by the men and women over at Zacuto, we too decided to call more attention to the ergonomics involved in HDSLR shooting. Excited about both Zacuto and RedRock Micro’s newly announced EVF’s (electronic viewfinder) we discuss the opportunities of this innovative gear.


Episode 10: Social Networking

n this week’s 10th anniversary episode of the Digital Revolution Podcast Series Dakota Wolff Nicolucci and myself take the opportunity to record the episode in our web design class. We were joined this week with a panel of guest speakers from our web design class, including Dustin TrayerJosh WattsBrett ChatelainThomas McGovernRobert Yelsky and J.R Biche. As aspiring filmmakers in the San Francisco Bay Area we discuss how social media networking websites such as twitterfacebookdiggstumbleupon, etc. can be extremely useful in creating a digital footprint. Besides all of the advantages we also take a moment to reflect and bring up any frustration or concerns we have about social networking.


Episode 9: Personal Productions

This week Dakota Wolff Nicolucci and myself take a minute to stray away from the technical side of the DSLR’s and share our stories. Discussing how these camera’s have impacted and influenced our latest productions. Last we talk about how the tables are turning within our school’s community where now the teachers are asking us the students questions about these camera’s. By no means are we experts, however we share our passion and enthusiasm for this technology with anyone who is willing to listen and learn.


Episode 8: Dynamic Range

In this weeks episode Dakota Wolff Nicolucci and myself discuss the importance of maintaining Dynamic Range in order to have the most versatile footage in the post production stages. The DSLR camera’s are still in their infant stage maturing at a very rapid pace, however in the meantime before the technology reaches RAW capabilities what can be done in order to capture the best range. From the production to the cutting room what should we be doing to enhance the workflow in order to achieve the greatest image possible.


Episode 7: Creative Mobility

This week Dakota Wolff Nicolucci and myself were joined once again by guest host Carl Sturgess. Straying away from the technical side of things we talk more about how to utilize this technology in order to enhance the creative process and workflow. Time is of the essence, and the selling point for most is how mobile your production can become when using the DSLR’s. These camera’s are known to do extremely well with minimal lighting, which allows you to use less lighting equipment. Because we all know lighting a scene is what takes the longest! Lastly we talk more about the documentary world and how the DSLR’s lower the threat level to the subject. Meaning the subject can now feel more comfortable in front of the lens without having a traditional red light recording camcorder in their face. And the documentarian no longer has to sacrifice quality over mobility.


Episode 6: Rolling With the Shutter

In this weeks episode of the “Digital Revolution Podcast,” Dakota Wolff Nicolucci and myself discuss the issues of the rolling shutter concerning the DSLR’s. For those who are unfamiliar with this term or effect we define and explain exactly what is happening from the camera operators perspective as well as behind the scenes inside the camera. We talk about tips and solutions in order to minimize or hide this effect.


Episode 5: Lenses

This week Dakota Wolff Nicolucci and myself talk about the infinite options that are available to us when deciding what type of lenses to purchase for our DSLR’s. We bring to awareness that there are different lenses for a cropped sensor (Canon 7D 1.6x) compared to a full frame sensor (Canon 5D mkii). The difference between shooting with a variable millimeter lens often referred to as a “Zoom Lens,” rather than shooting with primes, depends on what your production caters to. Finally we discuss dusting off your old lenses and buying an adapter in order to use with the DSLR’s.


Episode 4: Picture Profiles

This week Dakota Wolff Nicolucci and myself are joined by guest host Carl Sturgess, to take a deeper look into the customization of the Canon 7D Picture Styles. We discuss other downloadable alternatives to compliment Canon’s stock Picture Styles, i.e “SuperFlat, CineStyle, KodaChrome.” We also explore Canon’s Picture Style Editor that comes included in the box. Lastly, we finish by talking about manually setting your own personal “User Def,” settings.

For more information about available Picture Styles for your Canon DSLR visit Cinema5D.


Episode 3: Low Light Shooting

This week we are joined by guest host, Dana Shaw to discuss low light shooting with the DSLR camera’s. The prior weeks Co-Host Dakota Wolff Nicolucci and host Nico van den Berg have been focusing primarily on the Canon 5D mkii7D. So this week we took the opportunity to expose the different options available in the market. We discuss the advantages and power, these camera’s have when it comes to their range in ISO selection.


Episode 2: Canon 7D Workflow

Were back from the “Wolf Lair,” with this weeks Podcast. Entitled “7D WorkFlow.” Walking through the formats available to shoot in, the appropriate memory cards to shoot with and finally discussing the process of downloading your media and working with it in post production programs. Enjoy!


Episode 1: DSLR Explosion

DSLR Explosion, takes into consideration the pro’s and con’s of the Canon 5D & 7D. Accessories is the name of the game, focusing on what is out there right now in terms of accessories or what Dakota referred to as, “essentials,” for these new cameras. Please join us our maiden voyage into the Podcasting world!

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